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About CHP

Canal Harbour & Great Projects Co. (CHP) is affiliated to Suez Canal Authority. It is specialized in Marine Works and Civil Works. It has been established in 1965 under the name of Canal Harbour Works Co. In 1988 it’s name has been changed to Canal Harbour & Great Projects Co. In 50 years it’s activities has been developed and diversified all over Egypt and abroad. The company has worked jointly with foreign companies in some projects in Damietta Port, Port Said Port & New Esna Barrage. In our striving for effective business development, we consider continuity in the relationship with customers of basic importance



Integrated Management System Policy ( IMS ) for Canal harbour and great projects which works in the field of general contracting ( Marine business & Civil business ) aims to The provision of services and high quality products achieves The wishes and expectations of customers. And that starts from the followingThe following criteria :-

1- Implementation of quality standards and commitment system. ISO 9001
2- Implementation of the eco-system standard. ISO 14001
3- Implementation of safety system standards and occupational health. OHSAS 18001
4- Commitment to local and international standard specifications for services, Compliance with laws and regulations related to the environment , safety and occupational health
5- We are committed to develop and review the policy of the company and make sure understood and applied and to be available for the company's employees , contractors and visitors and the public
6- The company is committed to identifying the goals and programs of quality , safety and occupational health , environment and reviewed on an ongoing basis with a view to continuous improvement and development .and occupational health , environment and reviewed on an ongoing basis with a view to continuous improvement and development
7- obligation to prevent accidents, injuries and attention to environmental protection and pollution prevention and to maintain the integrity and health of workers.
8- We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of transactions with our customers as we are committed to tell them of any material changes affecting the company's products or services or operations .


We see it has come a time when everyone is seeking to work and production and the search for the best and finest even greater good and Yemen and the pond on the worker and raise the level of living for the better as far as possible and the possibilities and look forward to more achievement and create a state of complacency because the real value of the human person as provided for people of the good work accomplished in the field to promote and improve the place of his work and his country.